Railway Refund Complaint | Train Delay Refund

 Railway Refund Complaint | Train Delay Refund

Passengers can apply to get their Train Delay Refund we know that Railways are the first preference of transport over airlines by most people every day. However, the Indian railway is popularly infamous for being late most of the time and run well behind schedule. It puts a question mark on the efficient functioning of the railway being a national asset and makes the poor passengers suffer without their fault. Passengers are the scapegoat due to the tussle between the poor management of the railway and lack of coordination among themselves. In developed countries, passengers’ interest is the foremost priority and they get compensated if the train gets delayed and is the fault of the Railway.

Likewise, in India, Railway Claims and Refunds there is a policy and provision formulated to compensate the passengers in case of delay or any inconvenience caused to them because of the railways so that at least monetary loss can be covered for the passengers and to provide some relief to them. In case of any delay, there is no proper intimation procedure to update the passengers well in advance so as to avoid any chaos on the platform as it is a routine feature of the railway. It brings distress among the anxious passengers to wait endlessly at the platform in dilemma and at the mercy of the railway.

How To Get Train Delay Refunds Claimed

According to the Ticket Deposit Receipt (TDR) rules Indian Railway Train Delay Compensation refund can be claimed by the passengers in case they are unable to complete their journey as mentioned below;

• In case the train is late for more than 3hrs.
• Railways have canceled the train.
• The air conditioner is not working and a cause of inconvenience.
• TTE has charged the passenger wrongly.
• Fare difference to be refunded if proper coach not attached as booked by the passenger.
• Due to delay, the passenger has not traveled.
• Passenger commenced the journey without a valid ID.
• The passenger has completed the journey partially.

In order to avail the refund the passengers need to do the following at the earliest;

• The passenger should submit the TDR within an hour of the departure.
• Usually, the refund procedure takes 60 days.
• In case of e-ticket, the refund can be claimed online.

Railway Claim and Refunds

However, they will get a full refund if Late Running Trains Compensation and the train is canceled by the railway due to natural calamity or unavoidable circumstances; the train is well behind the schedule and more than 3 hrs late, the TTE has charged passenger wrongly and if the railway has failed to offer accommodation. While in other cases like non-working AC the passengers will be refunded or compensated accordingly.

The Train Delay Refund procedure due the negligence or inefficiency of the railway will give them an opportunity to work hard to improve in areas of concern to avoid such things in the near future and make it accountable, competent and more responsible. Moreover, the passengers will get confidence and co-operate with them rather than criticize the railway all the time. It will give railways the last chance to improve their image as a public asset who endlessly thrives to make the journey comfortable for its citizens.