Accidental Insurance for Railways passengers |  Railway Accidental Insurance

Accidental Insurance for Railways Passengers | Railway Accidental Insurance
Railway Accidental Insurance

Indian Railway implements a scheme that is Provide the insurance money to their passengers and the scheme is Railway Accidental Insurence as we know The vast network of railways across the country has made it the lifeline of our population as a mode of transportation whether on a daily basis or travel regularly. As the number of passengers increases, day by day and the railway has to work hard to manage the inflow of rush for their safety and smooth travel and it poses a tough challenge before the railway. Thus the number of Railway accidents has increased in the recent past be it due to human error or technical snags. So, it has been a major concern for the railway as well as people who commute. We know that it is difficult to curb accidents altogether to prevent loss of life, resources and monetary loss while you board train things are not certain. In view of this, the Indian railway has introduced a travel insurance scheme to secure the financial loss to the certain extent. It is applicable on e-tickets booked on IRCTC’s official website and valid for confirmed and RAC bookings. However, the scheme is optional for the passengers to select and depend on their discretion. If someone opts for the insurance option then a premium of Re. 0.92 paisa per passenger is applicable which is inclusive of all taxes and booked under single PNR number.

Railway  Accidental Insurance scheme for passengers

Under this Railway Accidental Insurance scheme the nominee of the victim or legal heir gets an assured sum as mentioned below;

For death – Rs. 10 Lacs
Permanent total disability – Rs. 10 Lacs
Permanent partial disability – Rs. 7.5 lacs
Hospitalization expenses – Rs. 2 Lacs
Mortal remains – Rs. 10,000.00

This Railway Accidental Insurance is covered only during the time of travel if any mishaps occur like the collision between two trains or derail etc. It will not be able to fulfill the individual loss that will make a void but reduce the monetary burden of the bereaved family. In order to claim the insurance benefit, the nominee should visit the insurance company within four months of the incident with all the relevant documents as required for the claim.

Documents Required For Railway Accident Insurance

Railway Accidental Insurance Different documents are required to be submitted as proof in case of death, permanent disability, partial disability, and hospitalization. In case of death of the passenger, a report from the railway authority which shows the list of passengers dead. Duly filled and signed the form by the nominee or legal heir of the victim along with a photo ID proof. If the passenger is disabled whether permanent or partial a certificate from a doctor about the extent of disability besides an attested copy of disability form from the concerned hospital where the passenger got treated. In order to claim the hospital expenses the medical bills in original along with discharge summary from the hospital and all the reports in case of any tests in the hospital as a valid proof. Before submission of the documents, it is advisable to verify the documents to be complete in all respect because if it is found to be incomplete will lead to the rejection of the claim from the insurance company and only make your situation more miserable.