Why Are Premium Tatkal Ticket Price So High?

Why Are Premium Tatkal Ticket So High?

The Premium Tatkal Ticket was introduced by the IRCTC as a reservation quota in order to give an additional option to those passengers who are willing to pay a Premium Tatkal Ticket Price to book a ticket in case of any urgency or as per their ease for a comfortable journey. As some people want good services and ready to pay for it. However, this facility is introduced on selected trains like Rajdhani, Shatabdi, Duronto and August Kranti Express with limited seats at a premium price that too on particular routes. So the Premium Tatkal Reservation of tickets is high as compared to normal fares and Tatkal Ticket. as it is demand based.

Premium Tatkal Higher In Festive Season

This is based on Premium Tatkal Booking Indian Railways. which is based on demand and fare fluctuates accordingly. During peak season we see airfares go higher and off-season it is available at discounted price. Similarly, festival seasons like Durga Puja, Diwali, Holi and during summer vacation the Premium Tatkal Rate goes higher as the demand and rush of passengers is more than availability due to which it is dynamically priced. It helps the railway to increase revenue as this fare is around 30% higher than the base rate of the ticket so it comes at a price. Moreover, it has its own benefits for the railway and passengers.

The Premium Tatkal Tickets are booked online only from IRCTC website so they are available as Book e-tickets. The motive of the government to implement this system is to tap a section of passengers who can afford to pay beyond the base fare but willing follow the illegal route to board train by obtaining tickets from touts, middlemen. However, it compelled those who have to travel due to emergency and has to pay more in spite of hardships. It is a loss to the railway so it came as a boon for the railway as they are in direct contact with the passengers to reserve a berth. It will help to curtail the grey market which makes the railway to lose huge money due to the illegal sale of tickets.

Book Premium Tatlak Ticket

Anyone book Premium Tatkal Ticket through this reservation quota will get assured and reserved berth. Like in an ordinary reservation there is no RAC (reservation against cancellation) and WL (waiting list) in premium tatkal fare rate. Another feature that will abstain people to book a ticket from this quota is that concession fare is not applicable not even child discount and it comes as a drawback. Even reservation can be done before ten days of the journey i.e. 10-day advance reservation window. Further, cancellation is not allowed hence refund does not exist.

The concept seems to be launched to help the travelers who prefer train as the priority over other means of transportation especially airlines. On the other hand to safeguard the revenue of the railway as it incurred losses every year due to unauthorized channels that issue tickets through unfair means and it is not just a loss for the railway but a blow to our economy. In the end, we can say that it is a boon in guise for both the railway and passengers.