Indian Railway Record Worst Punctuality | Train Punctuality Problem

Indian Railway Record Worst Punctuality | Train Punctuality Problem
Train Punctuality Problem

Indian Train has all-time Train Punctuality Problem that is very common, Punctuality of Long-Distance journey in Indian railway is very painful because the train is getting very late so the passenger face lot of problem. 30% train late in the financial year 2017-18. according to the information. now this Indian railway decided to solve this problem.
The news is that Indian Railway decided to change 200 train Punctuality of Railway Operations and Timetable and this is not affecting to passengers to spend their time in a train. Last Year Worst Punctuality Performance Of Railway is very affected to Indian Railway and the result is Railway announced 40% train decline of train timetable and punctuality after that railway started 15 days to ensure train timetable and punctuality in May.

Southern And Northern Train Punctuality Problem

According to the Indian express news. Southern Railway and Northern Railway push their Late Running Train Punctuality up to one hour. Indian Railway Ministry gives post-facto approval to a southern railway and the Northern Railway. Northern Railway and southern railway have also approached to Indian railway board to rescheduled Late Train Timing of Punctuality the trains.
we know that Southern Railway headquartered is situated in Chennai it is the divide in six railway divisions, it is decided to increase the total running time of punctuality of train those are late 30 minutes to 1 hour as 90 trains. Northern Railway divided into five divisions Ambala, Delhi, Ferozpur, Lucknow, Moradabad. The Northern Railway also wants to push train timing and punctuality of the trains by 30 minutes to 60 minutes as total 95 trains.

Railway Change Running Time Of Train Delayed because the maintenance work was done at large and massive scale because these works are affected Indian railway timing and punctuality,that is the reason Indian railway ministry decided to extend arrival timing of train and Train To Address Punctuality Issue, both mail and express trains have rescheduled due to punctuality issue of train timing, over 15 lakh maintenance blocks that put into the 2,687 locations in the year of 2016-17 and increased 18 lakh maintenance block 4,426 location in the year of 2017-18.
The Large-Scale change train to address punctuality and Average Train Delay issue, Indian railway minister asked for railway zones to answer what is the new change to clear that issue of a train to address of punctuality issue. they said the ones the problem is also affected the average time of superfast trains.

Survey News Of  Train Punctuality Problem

According to the survey, Indian railway done many jobs but Most Delayed Trains issue is not to slove very easy. the main reason is that Railway Extends Arrival time Of Train due to ongoing engineering works on railway track so that extends the railway punctuality but the passengers are not satisfied.” said Mr. RK KulshreshtaGenral Manager of Southern Railway told the newspaper”. he adds some step to solving late train timing punctuality. when the timetable check train reached timing at 8 {am/pm}. but it regularly late and reached 9 {am/pm} that is the big issue to punctuality and reliability of late trains and also punctuality of long distance.

Railways Extend Arrival Time Of Train because the 2015-16 year was recorded year for Indian railway because up to date Punctuality and railway maintenance 77.4% Railway’s Punctuality and the figure down of punctuality of trains 76.69% in 2016-17 and 71.39% in 2017-18 very poor service of railway punctuality.

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