New Features For Railway Ticket     Reservation By IRCTC

Here Some New Features For Railway Ticket Reservation.

1. Passengers can check seat availability without login and enquire trains also.
2. Passengers can change the font size by IRCTC website and feel comfortable view experience.
3. New Features are class-wise,train-wise, destination-wise, departure/arrival, time-wise, and quota-wise filters there are some IRCTC Feature how to change Boarding Station, Passengers Name in Train Ticket.
4. Single screen information about the Train like Train No, Train Name, Source and Destination and Distance between. Departure and Arrival Time and Journey Time been arranged.
5. New Features On My Transactions added where the passengers can view there book ticket base on Journey Date, Booking Date, Upcoming Journey and Complete Journey.
6. Waitlist Prediction is also introduced. passengers can the probability of waitlisted or RAC ticket is confirmed. this technique using an algorithm to the particular train like IRCTC E-Ticket cancellation after the chart preparation TDR Filing Rules
7. Attractive color scheme for different trains this features introduce the facility to modify journey details on the journey planner page itself.
8. The New System passengers can perform multiple activities through book history with the interface for cancellation of ticket printing of ticket request for additional SMS, selecting alternative train by exercising the option of “Vikalp and change of boarding point if required.passengers can also read train cancellation? IRCTC to credit entire amount to your bank.
9. The new look is providing the facility for the passengers find the availability of advance reservation period ex 120 days, expect few trains
10. Technological advancements in the development of new User Interface (UI) also facilitate seamless navigation in mobiles, desktops, laptops, and tablets.

New Train waitlist prediction Feature

IRCTC Provide  New Train Waitlist Prediction Features

These Time Indian Railways CHANGE A LOT OF features to implemented and improve popular site of IRCTC Booking Portal.
those who don’t have ID and password and who first time users they can check the trains and seat availability, this the big advantages those who have not registered any time on the site and allow to check information without login details
‘waitlist prediction’ is based on historical booking and predicts chance of a waitlisted or RAC confirmed. holiday season ticket bookers the time maximum waitlisting has happened.

If the user’s favorite bank who card you mostly used. mark six bank and preferred bank under my profile section user can manage payment option. after they make payment, details of your booking will be displayed in a user-friendly manner.

Passengers can Perform multiple activities by your booked history. Cancel, request an SMS copy, print your ticket, and change your boarding point if you want. Additionally, the ‘Vikalp’ scheme option, will help you to select an alternative train new-launched scheme allows you to choose alternatives, in case of waitlisted tickets, different trains, and the specials.

‘Separate Card’ for each passenger, for each Ticket Booking. users can fill details as if required, and pre-filled details will ensure a quick and smooth booking experience. the passenger can also view tickets booked based on like booking date, journey date, upcoming journey and completed the journey.

Different filters have provided, as per the departure/arrival time, class, Train, and Quota, that will help you plan a better journey. A User-Friendly layout will allow for modification of journey details, search for other available dates, and provide fare break-ups as well.

The new website seamlessly on mobiles, desktops, laptops, and tablets. The new user interface is seamless and will provide an excellent ticket-booking experience.

The website is clutter-free and aims to provide a smooth, glitch-free user experience also be helpful links provided on all pages of the revamped IRCTC website so that you can be sure of assistance!

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