Excess Luggage In Trains | Railways plans to Enforce The Rule To Penalize Passengers For Excess Baggage

Excess Luggage Railway Passengers Limitation, Fine passenger for excess luggage

Big Relief For Railway Passengers. Indian Railway change penalty plan for carrying luggage baggage. ‘the national reporter has launched six-day drive from 1 June to check for excess luggage baggage’. but the Indian railway enforces to decision strictly to fine passenger up to six times with luggage weight because the old rule to fine with  Excess Luggage In Trains is criticism with passengers and they were to move social media and trolling Indian Railway.
Now Railway has solved this issue. according to the railway ministry, Mr. Rajesh Bajpayee was aware how to make passengers for Excess Luggage In Trains. it is very difficult to heavy summer rush and holiday vacation every one wants to go to their homes and other places mostly passengers carrying Excess luggage in Train. Mr. Bajpayee said it is the information some free baggage is an allowance for carrying excess luggage in Rail. the maximum Excess Luggage Railway Passengers Limitation.
New Rule of Indian railway is excess luggage put in the luggage van.
Sleeper Class and second class carry 40kg luggage and 35kg without pay any extra penalty for carrying Excess Luggage in Train.
if you want to carry extra Excess Luggage In Trains maximum 80kg and 70kig weight you will pay an extra charge at the parcel office.
AC first class passengers should carry 70 kg of luggage it is free and the maximum length for luggage is 150 kg after the penalty for carrying excess luggage in Rail.
AC two-tier passengers can free travel with 50kg luggage but AC 3-Tier passengers pay another 50 kg luggage. AC Three-Tier sleeper/AC chair car passengers should carry 40kg luggage for free but maximum 80kg luggage after paying Fine Passenger For Excess Luggage 40 kg.

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