Supreme Court Dismisses Difference Between Paper and E-Ticket Holder

The Supreme Court Announced news for waitlisted passengers and E-Ticket Holder and Waiting List Train Ticket Rule they get a chance to board a train and occupy berth maybe it confirm or not. Indian Railway has to come with a new plan to check agents do not provide book seats in another passengers name, which can give to a passengers with waitlist ticket after charged extra money.supreme court of India clear petition of Delhi high court challenge the order of ministry of railways asked between waiting ticket and e-ticket.the waiting ticket passengers board the train and confirm ticket holder not claim to seat, the passengers who waiting list get a chance of seat but the other way waiting e-ticket passengers cannot board the train. e-ticket canceled itself ministry of the railway is ensure that e-ticket holder should not be faced with any type of problem anyway. the high court said to the railway ministry remove all compulsion between counter ticket and e-ticket passengers within six months. another word Train E-Ticket Waiting High Court also said to railway check the brokers and agents could not book a ticket, any other passengers and fake name passengers cannot purchase a paper ticket to brokers and agents to give extra money for the ticket. if the waiting ticket takes through the internet it has been canceled in this situation those people or passengers cannot board the train whose ticket was confirmed for the reason is that high court said in this situation the seat is reserved for those passengers who are in waiting. the high court also said it is not legal that paper ticket is more preference then e-ticket.
In July 2014 high court decision and ensure the railway the e-ticket passengers have not faced any type of disadvantages.
Rules Of Waiting Train Ticket  when the passengers purchasing the e-ticket at the time their ticket was not canceled automatically at the time of preparing for the final chart before living the train from the station then it is a chance go to the railway station and check the available of berth and seat of the passenger who holds a reservation and who fail show up.

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