What would happen if Indian Railways is privatized?

What would happen if Indian Railways is privatized?

Railway Minister Mr. Suresh Prabhu has decided to new rule out Indian Railway Privatization. he said that is the big debatable issue because they cannot ignore common man and passengers who totally depends on public transport. as we know that Indian Railway is a large sector. if the Indian Railway Privatized it is the direct impact on the Indian economy and people which include all the zone like middle class and lower class income. Indian Railway Privatization completely takes place of this whole Indian Railway sector that is the big advantages of the private sector because they can control this sector and Indian government lose all the rights, control and its power.
If The Indian Railway Privatization comes to reality.they will try to full control of Indian railway and its zones, if they are successful they will try to run new operation and the result is common people and the Indian economy will be beating. we cannot deny that Indian Railway Privatization is a huge following to cash and new technologies will be the next level of Indian railway.
as we know that Indian Railway Privatisation means profit and the first priority to achieve the goal. mainly the focus on the ferry goods in train maybe the cancel making passenger trains but the decision is not in favor of passengers and public. we can say that totally depends on privatization sector to chose their decision but the private sector make daily employee punctual and customer friendly and government employee works very slowly.
when the Indian Railway Station Privatisation we can expect the train arrival/departure timing will good and the journey more easy or comfortable. they will offer top class world facilities and services for their passengers but the price is not affordable to middle-class passengers and lower class passengers. chain snatching, pickpocket, and luggage theft will be curbed and more security possible through Indian Railway Privatisation. everyone expects that privatization is different works platform cleanliness, places, more facilities in a station, hygienic food proper work lights and fans. ‘Think Big Think Beyond’ no doubt Indian Railway Privatisation is more benefits to their passenger’s like good food quality, services, security, arrival and departure time, passengers and user-friendly environment. under the government employee, it will be service of the nation and people. for the more better experience, few operations can privatization.

Advantages Of Indian Railway Privatization

advantages of Indian Railway Privatization can be based on the Improved efficiency of work. they can do the task every day and properly.
It is Increase Competition in the industries that great to improve efficiency.

Disadvantages of Indian Railway Privatization

Nature monopoly is very low just an example number of firms are very low.
the main part is the public interest many industries are performed good for public service but the privatize in only focus on the profit.
many privatized companies are quite profitable. it means governments lose their shareholders