Passengers  Change The Name Of Confirm Ticket By IRCTC 

IRCTC allow changing the passenger’s name in the confirm ticket through IRCTC, and Now Passengers Can Change The Name Of Confirm E-Ticket.
New rule and regulation implied passengers can change the name Reservation Ticket Passengers can take the permission of SR.Divisonal Commercial manager of the particular division. In another case, the particular division doesn’t have any SR. Division Manager. related to all query about change the passengers change the name confirm ticket. the power goes on on the particular division manager. it can be only through the written request to all the submit valid documents required under the IRCTC and Passengers Change The Name Of Confirm Ticket By IRCTC

Points To Remember For Passengers

 If Any Government Employee Goes The Duty and if any appropriate authority makes a written request within 24 hours before the scheduled departure can granted the permission.
Passengers carry with valid Documents passenger can take with the ticket to any family carry member with valid documents and IDs like blood relation, just an example Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Son, Daughter, Husband, and Wife. Station Manager will allow permitting all the alternate of reservation under the rules and regulation. The passenger must carry the “electronic reservation slip” while traveling.
In the case passenger plan for group traveling, they can fill the group’s written request form within 48 hours before departure of the train and change and the passenger’s name is not permitted they can exceed 10% total strength of group and party. so basically these Points To Remember For Passengers