Does India Actually Need Bullet Train | Bullet Train India

Does India Actually Need Bullet Train | Bullet Train India 
Bullet Train India

A Bullet Train India generally runs at a high speed as compared to the traditional trains due to its technical superiority and design. Few developed nations have this bullet train facility for its citizens like China, Japan, Germany and France to name a few. Likewise, the Indian government has decided to give its people the pleasure to travel in a bullet train like their counterparts which not only save time but also provide all the comforts and luxury of air travel. In order to fulfill this dream, Japan will assist India to have its first Bullet Train that will start from Mumbai to Ahmedabad.

Concept Of Bullet Train India

When the concept of Bullet Train In India was introduced by the government it got criticism from every quarter right from the political circles, industry bodies and importantly from the general public for whom it was meant to make their travel comfortable and smooth journey. As per present economic conditions of our country, it seems unfeasible or inappropriate to talk about Indian Railway Bullet Train. The first priority of the ruling party would be to curb inflation, control the cost of daily items used, reform in baking sector etc and to provide the basic amenities to all its citizens like food, shelter, education, and healthcare.

Bullet Train India Disadvantages

The present environment around us is not conducive to mounting pressure to control the price of crude, commodities, and decline in the value of our currency. All these factors only add to the miseries of the common man to survive. The farming sector needs financial assistance and special attention from the government to withstand the cruelty of nature as we see untimely rainfall which destroys the crops and their hard earned money and labor. At times they have to take extreme steps due to a burden of loan which rises steadily. So Bullet Train India Technology not the solution or answer to these challenges that we face at the moment.

We talk about Bullet Train Working but in reality, it’s not viable and we cannot afford it. Firstly, the cost of operation, maintenance and whether it is in everyone’s reach as mostly middle class and lower income group prefer and commute through the train. Secondly, the land acquisition is a difficult task for the authorities as we are unable to provide housing to our people due to lack of land area. Many housing projects are not yet started and are only on papers due to the paucity of land.

Advantages of Bullet Train India | New Challenge Of Indian Railway

First of all the need of the hour is to upgrade and strengthen the railway systems and infrastructure that exist today and needs modernization with immediate effect not only for the comfort of the passengers but for their safety too. As railway accidents are a regular feature of the Indian Railway. It is true that Bullet Train will boost to the economy further create employment, increases the safety standards of travel, save the travel time, convenient and comfortable the riders and most importantly its eco-friendly mode of transportation but high fares will pose a challenge as it will become a luxury for the rich and wealthy people and not for the general public.

At the moment let it be a dream for some more time to be fulfilled in the near future when it will be accessible by all and we all feel proud to say that we have a bullet train.